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Nueces Battle and Massacre
guns and flags

The background is the Confederate Battle Flag, with a cutout of Texas showing where events
took place.
The flags in the background are that of the State of Texas and the Black/Red/Gold
banner of the 1848 German
Revolution, (the background of the current German flag) representing
German Forty-Eights and their ideals. 
Between those flags is a cutout of the area where the
Unionists wanted to establish the Free State of West Texas.  
The flags to the left and
right are that of the Confederate States, and of the United States.  Along the bottom
the photo is an 1859 Sharps Carbine, which would have been the weapon
carried by the Confederates, a pair of 
cap and ball pistols, which both insurgents
and Confederate troops used. Next is a saddle bag of the type the 
Confederates used,
with a tin cup, an ammo pouch, and a pistol cap holder.  To its left is a cap and ball rifle of
type the insurgents used, and a pouch of the type
the insurgents would have used to carry their personal items.