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“Perfect Reign of Terror”: Insurgency In The Texas Hill Country 1861—1862

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The fifth book, is the ‘mother of all my books’ regarding the Nueces Battle and Massacre.  It is 744 pages and is a detailed account of the events and people involved in the event.  It contains many appendices and maps.  An attempt was made to provide the reader detailed data about the events that led to the battle, and massacre.  Some of the most important items, sources, and individuals can be found in the many muster rolls of the various units.  Other sources are letters written by Unionist to friends and families and what part everyone played.  Most of the sources have not been used before.  This book is designed to be a reference for the many events.  It is not a short story one can read and enjoy in an evening.  It is a book that totally examples the Nueces Battle and Massacre.  I am sure some will disagree with some of my conclusions.  That’s OK.  Each reader can make is own decision, based on the data provided.